Prizm Accounting Software

Prizm Accounting Software -



System requirements

Operating system Windows 98 / 2000 / XP
Installed software Microsoft  Excel 2000 onwards
Network installation Software  – install on local machineData – can be saved on network


Trial period 45 days – fully functional
Limit on of number of companies No limit
Maximum employees per company 500 per company.
Multi user access to same company No

Handy features

Email payslips Payslips emailed as password protected Excel workbook
Report format All reports created in Excel
Import data from external spreadsheets All transactions values such as Commission, hours worked can be imported from another spreadsheet
Electronic storage of all reports Reports in Excel format are saved as part of the data for later retrieval.No need to print monthly reports.

Payroll related features

Weekly and fortnight payments  Yes
Recording of actual hours worked System cannot calculate hours worked.Note Any payroll information can be easily imported from another spreadsheet without having to retype information.
Electronic submission of IRP 5 returns Yes
Electronic submission of UIF returns Yes
Loans to employees Yes
Leave module Very basic leave system. System calculates leave due per period and user must enter total hours taken for the period to calculate leave outstanding.
Pension / provident fund  Yes
Tax directives  Yes
Directors of companies and members of CC’s  Yes
2007 changes in medical aid contributions  Yes

Standard features

Zip backups  Yes
Password protection  Yes
Help file  Yes
Annual updates  Yes
Help desk  Yes
Can the programme automatically determine normal and overtime hours? No. Normal and overtime hours must be determined by the user and then entered into programme. If the hours are determined on a spreadsheet the user can import the hours without having to retype them.