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If you already have Prizm Payroll installed and want to do an update install, first uninstall the previous version

Errors during installationMore details on installation errors can be found on the readme.txt file included in the Zipfile download / CD
Errors after installation Prizm Payroll opens but clicking on any button has no effect.
Reason: Excel has disabled the macros as a security measure
Solution: Macro security must be set to Medium to enable you as the user to activate the macros – Goto Tools , Macro, Security, Set Security level to Medium – Close Excel and reopen Prizm Payroll
Reason: Excel 97
Solution: Please upgrade to any version greater than Excel 97 Prizm Payroll opens and then freezes. Displays a form with Text1 description
Reason: The security measure has a bug which has not been resolved. If the program is still loading and the user clicks on the any button Excel freezes.
Solution: Close Excel using Ctrl+Alt+Delete – Reopen Prizm Payroll, but wait patiently till you note there is no more hard drive activity – Proceed to use the program. If the program is a registered version this should not happen.
Other errorsPrizm payroll gives an error message – “An error has occurred in the application.”

Solution: Record details of the error and phone support 086 11 77 496.